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There is no job too big for the team at Cartage Australia, we specialise in tailoring our service around any job that is in front of us.

Cartage Australia | Quarry Transport, Storage and Warehousing Victoria
Unrivaled service
since 2004

Focused on optimum productivity and supreme safety standards, we have the drive to get the job done right. With over 30 years of experience we know what it takes to keep things moving.

  • Quarry Transportation

    Bulk Quarry Products


    Delivering Screenings to Concrete Batching Plants 24/7


    Delivering Sand to Concrete Batching Plants 24/7

    Crushed Rock

    All quarry products are delivered in Truck & Trailer Loads. from 50-5,000 tonnes

    Specialty Sands

    Specialty sands are sourced from a number of sites around Melbourne.

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  • Raw Materials Transportation

    Although Sand and Aggregates account for a large portion of our work. We are well equipped to cart most loose raw materials.

    Some products that we can cater for include:

    Soils and Fertilisers

    We have the ability to service your every need for your specialty Soil and Fertiliser Jobs.

    We can also supply and deliver Soil right across Melbourne

    Mulch and Tanbark

    With a carrying capacity of 50 m3, light weight products are also cost effective to move in our truck & trailers.

    Recycled Goods

    From Bricks to Asphalt, we have truck bodies suitable for a large range of products.

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  • Material Management

    A new service that we now offer is Material Management. This involves managing stock levels and ensuring continued and regular supply.

    Concrete Plants

    We manage your stock levels by delivering to your plants after hours. We offer trained loader operators that can use your equipment to push up the material in your bins, ready for the next day.

    Short term projects

    If you have requirements for a 1,000 tonnes or 50,000 tonnes, we ensure that a continual supply is maintained and the material is delivered as required.

    Material Relocation

    With the ability to cart 25,000 tonnes every 24 hours over a short to medium distance, material relocation is our specialty.

    Project Management

    If your project requires product to be moved by truck, leave it to us to organise. From permits, inductions, procedures, we can do it all.

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Cartage Australia | Quarry Transport, Storage and Warehousing Victoria

Compliance and our commitment to safety.

Chain of Responsibility

COR is serious business. This starts when we receive the order until delivery is complete. Every driver has a role to play weather its axle weights or stopping for his breaks.


Trucks are maintained to the highest standard. Drivers are trained. Payloads are strictly managed. Driving hours are monitored. These are part of what makes us compliant.


Tyres are managed like a business. Every time we take a tyre off, it scrubbed and washed before it goes back on to ensure a secure fit. Every change is documented so we know who changed it and when it was re-tensioned.


All truck & trailers run disc brakes. Trucks are managed by Volvo and trailers by us. The new Truganina facility is state of the art when it comes to changing pads and rotors.

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