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We are a transport company specialising in the transport of quarry products and raw materials.

Unrivaled service
since 2004

Focused on moving as much product as possible using the safest methods available. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to keep things moving.

About us

With a fleet of over 110 company owned Truck and Trailers, we have the combination to best suit your project.

Whether it’s moving your materials, handling your products or managing your project, you can have the trust in Cartage Australia to get the job done right.

Quarry Product Transport

Operating 24 hours a day, we can deliver when Melbourne sleeps, bins full for you to start the next day.

Landscaping Product Transport

We can cart your Soils, Turf Sands, Rock, Fill or any other products you can load in a tip truck.

Specialty Products

Our team is well suited to moving specialty products such as Lime, Soda Ash, Cullet and recycled goods.

Our services
Cartage Australia | Quarry Transport, Storage and Warehousing Victoria
We partner with the industry’s most innovative suppliers to develop and maintain a high degree of automation, real time data collection and operational fuel efficiency within our 110 plus strong fleet.
  • Euro 5 & Euro 6 Volvo trucks

    European standards are continually evolving and we intend to evolve with them. Euro 5 emission standards were recently every transport companies goal. It is now our minimum standard.

    All trucks are less than 3 years old. Ensuring that we lead in providing the highest level of safety, performance and a truck that is environmentally friendly.

  • Fatigue & Speed Management

    With an office that is maintained around the clock. Our trucks are monitored to ensure that our drivers are operating at the highest standard.

    All rest breaks are monitored using GPS tracking. Drivers are alerted automatically when a rest break is due. Fatigue breaches are immediately reported to our office.

  • Cutting-edge data, tracking & automation

    GPS tracking is only the start. Electronic pre starts, live in-cab messaging and safety cameras watching both the driver and the road ensure the highest level of compliance.

    We have always lead the industry in early adoption of any innovation of technology, equipment and process.

  • Large capacity custom-built trailers

    The first 5 Axles Trailer in Victoria followed by the first 6 Axle. We have been leaders in productivity gains. The introduction of cutting edge safety inclusions are what makes a difference. Each truck is fitted with the most advanced safety package available. These include slope detectors, slippery floors in bodies, lane assist, collision alert and the list goes on.

Our fleet